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With this method, we carry out a creativity workshop with you, e.g. "Design Thinking". Especially in combination with promotional items some highly interesting and very creative results can arise. We always use this method when extraordinary ideas or promotional items are needed. It can also be used to develop new processes, products or services. Just give it a try. When making use of the "Design Thinking" process, this takes place using the following 6 phases (see picture).


The "Design Thinking" process starts by developing a common understanding of the actual task. Different orientation questions help to define and limit the field of work with the aim of the right focus on the actual goal.


This is about gaining a sense of the potential user and his situation as well as exploring his needs. What do users think and what could they say about the problem?

3.Point of View

All the impressions gained are then condensed, partially visualized and combined to form an overall picture. The most important findings are used as basis for the new solution concerning the new product.

4.Find ideas

Within this sub-process creative ideas are developed. Different solutions can be "spun" - with words, sketches, pictures or handicrafts. The most promising ideas are then selected based on their attractiveness, feasibility and cost-effectiveness.


An essential aspect of the "Design Thinking" process is prototyping. During this step, detailed prototypes are developed (for example, by 3D printing) to obtain feedback directly from the users. In order to gain valuable insights from the user’s perspective as early as possible in the development process and to uncover existing weaknesses, you then need to test, test, test.


Extensive testing reveals further strengths and weaknesses of this new solution. Based on these insights, the concept will be further improved and refined until an optimal and user-oriented product is created.

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