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Being successful together

Are you looking for cool and fancy ideas? You don’t want to deal with several suppliers and dozens of contact persons? In this case we are the right partner for you. Together with you we will develop new ideas and produce them at one of our audited manufacturers and take care of the shipping – everything delivered from one source. Our experience over the past has shown: Long-term customer relationships are very important to our customers. With us you will succeed in archiving this goal.

Custom-made instead of mainstream

Are you looking for extraordinary promotional items or do you plan to start a sales promotion? Then give us a call and we will twist our brains for you. After that we will present you several approaches and concepts. Pick the idea which you like best and which we may implement for you. With us you have a partner on your side which can deliver all parts from one source. From the ideation to the production, from storage to delivery – you only have one contact person, who will take care of the whole process in a professional and coordinated way.

Quality instead of junk

You don't want to make compromises relating to the quality? That’s good, we don’t’ either. Your clients are very important to you and you want to serve them with high-quality and sophisticated promotional items. In most cases, we offer samples free of charge, which help you to convince yourself of the product’s quality.

Environment protection

Our oceans are suffering of plastic waste. Animals are tortured because they cannot distinguish between plastic parts and food, and even for humans, the flood of plastic waste is increasingly becoming a problem. You want to do something about these abuses and the pollution? We will help you with this, because for us “Fair Trade” and sustainability are no empty phrases but instead our company philosophy. We have already been able to abolish a large part of our packaging. Bamboo, wood, organic cotton and compostable bioplastics are our preferred materials in our portfolio. We help you to make your contribution to the environmental protection.

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