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Our company

Frommel Multimedia was founded in January 2010 in Bad Homburg as individual enterprise. The original focus was in the field of information and communication technology. For this the field of activity began with the installation of structured cabling, cable channels und related electromechanical work as well as the implementation of IT components and telephone systems (PBX). Moreover, sales and distribution of related software and hardware products were key to the business.

Our Portfolio

Over time the focus changed. In 2012 the first data protection inquiries reached us. The inquirers had to proof the existence of a data protection officer (which they didn't have) because their customers in turn had the European Central Bank as client which insisted in the presence of a data protection officer. For this reason it was decided to add "data protection" as a new topic to the portfolio and offer services of an external data protection officer to the customers. It was assumed that this sort of problem probably overtake many other customers as well. From this day "data protection" has evolved rapidly and reached its climax in the year 2017/2018 because of the upcoming law “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”.

For the sake of pure interest we engaged with the topic “promotional items” in 2014. Even though this was treated as a pure passion only, some inquiries reached us asking if we are able to procure specific extraordinary products. These inquires firstly were treated as sportive challenges and it came to the fact that some of these items had to be produced in China as custom-made product. This “everything is possible”-mentality somehow spread around and even more inquiries reached us concerning the sourcing of very “cool and fancy” items. Therefore, in 2016 sourcing was added next to the portfolio.

We think that the ideation of new ideas and promotional items by means of creativity methods is very fascinating. With the help of 3D printers these ideas can easily be turned into prototypes which allow a haptic feeling of this new idea. For this reason 3D printing and corresponding creativity methods for finding new ideas like “design thinking” were added as new services to the portfolio. Finally and again justified out of a private preference the topic “aerial photography with the help of drones” was added to the portfolio in 2018 since several inquiries reached us and the interest seems to increase.


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