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Being successful together

Present your company from the air. Take off with our drones and get new perspectives of your company.

Use cases

Present your company from a completely new perspective. With the help of professional drone photography, you have the opportunity to take a look from the air on your company building, your property or other hard-to-reach places at affordable prices. Previously, this was only possible by helicopter or plane and associated with very high costs. Today, with the help of unmanned aerial systems, we can offer you and your customers exclusive prospects and insights. Benefit from modern drone technology.


We take care of the post-processing of the recordings and pictures. We will give you the photos and videos with all the corrections and, if necessary, finish them for immediate use on your website or on social media platforms. Together with you, we plan the exact process and the objects that you want to have photographed or filmed. Video material can also be edited and reworked up to a maximum resolution of 4K for the best possible quality.

Legal regulations

In Germany, there are many new regulations that affect drone owners. A drone must be insured and needs a drone badge. For private users, the start of drones is completely prohibited in many places and many laws have been eased only for commercial drone pilots. For example, commercial drone pilots do not need an ascent permit up to 2 kg drone weight, which saves us a lot of paperwork and you a lot of money, because the flight is much less complicated than before the change of law. Our drones are insured and ready for use.

Technical information

Our drones are "high-tech". They are GPS-controlled and have many sensors and extras, such as gimbals and stabilizers, which in combination with the “GPS mount” allow sharp and non-blurred images. Modern drones are quick to deploy and can be used in many locations. We are ready to fly on short notice and can therefore take advantage of good weather conditions.

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