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Data Protection

One of the first actions is the training of your staff. The past experience shows that all subsequent measures are better understood and supported by the staff when they first learn for what this is good for. In addition, questions are answered, fears are addressed and thus negative attitudes are minimized by this training. This training usually takes place once a year (see picture). A highlight of this training are the two training sections “Watch out for this trap" and “Mishaps and stupid happenings", in which the methods of criminals and real data breaches are shown, from which everybody can learn much.
Pursuant to Article 5 (2) of the GDPR, accountability is of great importance, which requires a conscientious and complete documentation. We have already prepared a number of materials for you, which you can use after a short adaptation to your situation, for example:
Confidentiality agreement
Service Instructions
Service instructions E-Mail
Declaration of Consent
for the Usage of Photos
Declaration of consent for the usage of photos
Information Sign
Video Surveillance
Information sign video surveillance
Data Protection Notes
for Clients
Data protection notes for clients
Confirmation of Receipt
for Application Papers
Confirmation of receipt for application papers
One measure of compliance with the data protection legislation is the issuing of various directives. We can offer you the following pre-written guidelines. These would then only have to be adapted to your needs:
Data Protection
Data protection policy
IT Security
IT security policy
Social Media
Social Media policy
Home Office
Home office policy
Policy for
external Suppliers
Policy for external suppliers
WhatsApp policy
Finally, we can offer the following documents, which will be adapted to your situation:
Records of
Processing Activities
Records of processing activities
Technical and
Organizational Measures
Technical and organizational measures
Data Protection
Data protection handbook
Brochure Data Protection
for Employees
Brochure data protection for employees
Homepage Check
Training Material
Data Protection
Training Material Data Protection


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