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Being successful together

Whether you need 100 pieces or 100.000, our creative sourcing model will satisfy you. Some customers need something fast while others have time and want a custom design. We’ve developed our creative sourcing model to bring you the right product at the right time and at the right price based on your requirements.

Stock products

Stock products are perfect for most business customers. Our suppliers can provide more than 600,000 products in different styles and colors to complement your brand. All items are designed to be decorated with your company logo and can be shipped quickly. Many stock products are available within a few days. Our standard production time for stock products is 10 business days or less plus shipping time.

Custom products

If you have the time and enough quantity, why should you reach out for a product, that everybody else has? Our design experts will work with you to determine your preferences for colors, size and materials. Then your product will be produced directly by the manufacturer. Cutting out the middleman can save you a significant amount of money over buying a stock product, but you need to work with proven experts to ensure product compliance.

Global sourcing

We have established relationships with suppliers in many product areas located mainly in Asia. Depending on the requirements, we also source the product from other parts of the world. Building long term relationships with our suppliers ensures we deliver consistently.

International Logistics

We manage all aspects of shipping from overseas factories. We put extra care into how your product is designed and packed to maximize efficiency.

Customs and regulatory compliance

We have a detailed focus on German Customs and other regulatory requirements to ensure products are compliant, minimize fees and taxes and stay on schedule.

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