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Data Protection:

Training, Consulting, Composing of Documents

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Promotional Items:

Standard Products, Creative Ideas, Custom-made Products

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3D Design:

Construction Service, 3D Print, Prototyping

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Aerial Photography, Panoramic Views, Video Production

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Determination of Suppliers, Import, Customs Clearance

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Design Thinking, 6 Thinking Hats, Walt Disney Method

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Data Protection

Data Protection

Do you have a specific problem related to “data protection / GDPR” or do you need an external data protection officer in your company? We are here to help you. Just inform us of your problems and we will suggest you a solution.

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Are looking for cool and fancy gifts or promotional items which nobody else has? In this case we are the right partner for you. We obtain extraordinary items or build custom-made products for you.
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3D Design

3D Design

Are you looking for somebody who can design your ideas or product concepts and then turn it into a prototype via 3D printing? Then check out our 3D design service.
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Do you need fancy aerial photographs from spots and places which cannot be reached easily? Try using drones. The drone gets almost everywhere...
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Are you looking for specific supplier or do you want to avoid all the hustle with import of items from China?
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Are you looking for new promotional items or extraordinary things to support your business? By using creativity techniques (e.g. "Design Thinking") we will help you to tease out new ideas.
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