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NFC blocking cards

NFC technology is a special version of the RFID technology. The abbreviation NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Behind it lies a radio standard and a radio technology that enables the communication of devices over a short distance. The communication is wireless or contactless. Both devices can both send and receive data. This distinguishes NFC from the similar RFID technology which only allows a one-way communication. NFC is clearly explained in the following documentary film.
NFC blocking card
In the future, more and more payments will be done via contactless technologies. This is made possible by NFC chips, which are already used in millions of credit cards today. Thanks to this technique, you can pay small amounts without having to enter the PIN. That sounds practical but can be dangerous, as the following documentary film by Hessenschau (German only) shows:
NFC blocking card
With a special smartphone app, the reporters of the Hessenschau managed to read out the credit card data of numerous pedestrians. To do this it is sufficient to hold the mobile phone against the back pocket of a victim. The NFC chip transmits its data without the user’s notice. Even if no PIN numbers are transmitted, credit card number and expiration date can be read out easily. These two pieces of information are sufficient to place an order for example at Amazon. To protect against unauthorized data tapping attempts, you may use either protection sleeves or blocking cards. The following table summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of protection sleeves and blocking cards.

Protection Sleeve

Blocking Cards

NFC Blockerkarte transparent
NFC Blockerkarte schwarz
Common advantages
  • Protects against unauthorized and unintentional data tapping
  • Free graphic design and two-sided color printing
  • Your customers always carry your contact information with them
  • Useful, popular and ingenious giveaway
  • Protects the cash card from destruction by radiation, e.g. if the cash card is stored and carried next to a cell phone
  • Cheaper than the blocking cards
  • A single blocker card protects the entire wallet from unauthorized tapping
  • An optional LED shows when the protection function is active
  • Thickens the cash card by 1mm (circumferential), so the card including the sleeve may not fit in the wallet’s card slots
  • Money card must be taken out of the protection sleeve for payment.
  • Does not protect against destruction by radiation
  • Money card must be taken out of the wallet for payments
  • Insert each money card to be protected in a separate protection sleeve
  • Protection sleeves can also be used for the mechanical protection of all other cards in the wallet
  • Insert one blocker card into the wallet for full protection of the wallet
  • It does not matter which way the blocker card is stored into the wallet

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